2019 Concerts
at the Sevareid House

so far...

Sunday March 31 - The Durham County Poets - Tickets
Saturday April 13 - Dan Navarro - Tickets
Saturday May 4 - Flagship Romance
Sunday June 23 - The High and Wides
Saturday August 17 - Pete Mancini

Saturday September 28 - Robinson Treacher and Cassidy Catanzaro
Saturday October 12th - Tony Denikos and the Working Poor
Monday October 28 - Mile Twelve
Sunday Sunday November 17 - Kyshona
Saturday December 14 - Jesse Terry & Friends


Seems like yesterday...

Wow - time flies!

Seems like just yesterday we were gathered at The Sevareid House grooving to the sweet harmonies of The Honey Dewdrops. They just released a fantastic new album, "Anyone Can See" and put on a great album release show at Hill Country last weekend. They previewed some of these songs at our house show so if you enjoyed it -- pick it up or give it a listen from your favorite music purveyor.

We were privileged to be able to attend the Folk Alliance International in Montreal last month and saw a TON of great music. We'll be bringing a few of those artists to you this year.

The lineup above is a work in progress.
We have a few artists pending, a couple of dates still open and some space for some up and coming or local acts to do opening spots.

Stay tuned!

A FEW WORDS ABOUT WHY WE DO THIS: In a nutshell, we love music. We need music creators and music makers to reflect back to us the things that matter in our families, our community and in our society. Compensation from the sale of recorded music in physical form is fast disappearing. In order to continue to produce music artists must perform for an audience for money. Lucky for us - there is nothing that replaces the live music experience. Some artists tour constantly doing upwards of 200 shows per year. They do it because they are committed to their craft and because they love it. But all artists - local and touring deserve our support. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM OUR SHOWS GO TO THE ARTISTS. We sell tickets in advance for reserved seating so we can ensure a seat for those who plan in advance to attend. We can only seat about 50 people but we usually have a few extra chairs and some standing room. By attending a live music show, you are part of a virtuous circle that ensures that music will live on and continue on for future generations. Who knows? You may meet some new friends at the same time!

Singer-Songwriter Dan Navarro


Saturday April 13, 2019
Doors: 7:00 pm
Show: 8:00 pm

For over thirty years, Dan Navarro has written, sung, played and acted his way through a rich and varied career...

Dans started as a songwriter, most often with Eric Lowen, for artists as diverse as Pat Benatar (the Grammy-nominated We Belong) , The Bangles, Jackson Browne, Dave Edmunds, The Temptations, Dionne Warwick, The Triplets, Dutch star Marco Borsato, and Austin outlaw legend Rusty Weir.

In the 1990s, he recorded and toured with Lowen in the acclaimed acoustic duo Lowen & Navarro until Erics retirement in 2009. Dan has since transitioned smoothly into a growing solo career, increasingly in

demand on the national concert circuit...In 2009, after 22 years and 12 albums with Lowen & Navarro, Dan released the spirited Live at McCabes, backed by his pals, Austins now-disbanded Stonehoney. He is currently finishing his next album. Shed My Ski his first studio album of new material as a solo artist is out now.

He is the father of a 22-year-old son and a known abuser of acoustic guitars.


Join us for a fun, community building event in celebration of friends and great music!

Tickets Not Available/Sold Out


This concert is a private event. It is for friends and friends of friends. We sell tickets in advance to reserve seating as it is limited -- we usually sell out. All of the proceeds from the sales of the reserved seating go directly to the artist.
Please reserve your seat WELL IN ADVANCE.

House concerts are a wonderful grassroots phenomenon

World-class musicians and developing local talent alike perform in the intimacy of private homes and similar nontraditional spaces

The Sevareid House designed in 1941 by Charles Goodman, a noted DC architect, was home to Eric Sevareid, an icon of broadcast journalism

Come enjoy our mix of architecture, history and music!

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